Thursday, 9 November 2017

...Financial reports and Shared Services

A few months ago, we were ready for our monthly submission. Everything was quiet and I was relaxed enjoying our Cloud environment...until we received an alert from our monitoring tool that the first of the two FR WebLogic servers auto-restarted. Of course, having a WebLogic server auto-restarting was not a problem since that was the process. Until five minutes later
when we received another e-mail from the monitoring tool. The second FR WebLogic server also auto-restarted due to an error. That was a bit concerning but still not enough to panic.

One hour later, we received an e-mail from a user which made us panic. We cannot run financial reports and we are receiving and the following error:

I checked the connections and I got another unusual screen. The database connection was missing!

On top of all, the issue was not related with one report but with all the reports (Now, I am feeling a bit stressed).

Service restart did not work. Server restart did not work. Called Oracle Support but they did not have an immediate answer. The only recorded error similar to mine was related with Shared services and the admin which was not related with our case.

One day later while checking the Shared Services Directories, I found out that we were wrong and also our problem was related with Shared Services. In order to fix the problem, I reorder the user directories twice (one to change the order and one to revert it). We also deleted all the logs from the WebLogic folder for FinancialReporting service and then we restarted the service. 

These two steps fixed the issue.

Weird? Maybe yes, maybe no... have you seen anything similar?

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