Saturday, 9 November 2013

..HFM project steps

     Hi all,
    The topic that I had in mind the last two weeks is related with the question of how to build the best project plan for a Hyperion project (HFM or Essbase). I believe that this is a question that most of the consultants have at least one time in their life after completing 4 or 5 Hyperion projects.
    Based on a my experience, the best approach to build a project is: 
  1. Build pilot environment. 
  2. Identify the stakeholders.
  3. Define the purpose of application
  4. Define the tasks of the application
  5. Build  a report library for all the reports that the stakeholders wish to create from the application
  6. Identify the business processes that are used by the business users
  7. Create, identify and agree application’s requirements
  8. Build the infrastrucure
  9. Build the application!
  10. Train users
  11. Build the reports
  12. Migrate data and start testing the new application
  13. Go live

More analysis will come… however today I have visitors so this post will be short.

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