Saturday, 12 October 2013

...locking entities in HFM

Hi all,

Recently, I was working on an assignment to start locking the entities in an HFM application with 8 scenarios, 9 years of data and 600 base entities.

The options were the following:
  1. Should we lock only the base entities?
  2. Should we lock both the base entities and the parents?
  3. Should we not lock anything? 
In the end, we decided that the best approach is to lock only the base entities and not the parent entities.

The justification is related with the maintenance of the entity structure. Since it is possible to move one entity from one hierarchy to another, it is mandatory to allow the system to reconsolidate the parents at any point of time without having to calculate the base entities.

For the actual task, we are going to use an API in order to publish and lock the enties for all the years up to 2012.

Any ideas, experiences or questions that I should think?

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