Tuesday, 22 October 2013

...HFM Application Copy Utility

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This is a post for one of the most useful utilities that Oracle has provided us. The Financial Management Application Copy Utility!!!

The main purpose of this utility is to copy a single HFM application to a new HFM application in the same or in a different environment. The utility will copy all the HFM tables from the source application to the target application including the tables with metadata, rules and data.

Based on my experience, I believe that the main reasons of using the application copy utility are:
  • to create an application to develop and test future changes in the DEV and QA environment.
  • to create a new application with a different name in the same or in another environment.
  • to copy an application from the old to the new environment (I still remember the first time that I used this tool to copy an application from a 9.3.1 environment to
Based on the documentation, it is usually recommended to use the latest version of the copy application utility for any HFM version after 9.3. Additionally in version 11, the copy application utility includes command line which means that the authorised user will be able to schedule the start of the copy.

Since version, the copy application utility can also copy EPMA enabled HFM applications. There are different approaches on how to copy an EPMA application. The initial approach was to copy the HFM application as classic and then upgrade it to EPMA enabled. An alternative approach is to create an empty EPMA enabled application in the target environment and use it as target application.

A few points before running the application based on the documentation and my experience:
  • The user must create two UDL files. One for the source HFM database and one for the target HFM database
  • All the users should be logged out from the source application. Even better use a recent backup of the application
  • The target application should also be off-line
  • It is not recommended to copy an application via WAN. The best approach is to backup and restore the source database to the target environment and then run the copy application utility.
All the above points are based on my experience. So, for more detailed information regarding the nature, the requirements and the steps of the copy application utility, please read the Oracle's document Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition Financial Management Application Copy Utility (today document: Doc ID 968956.1).  

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