Wednesday, 15 June 2016

...Calculation status: OK SC

     A few weeks ago, I was working on an application update. I started the update on Friday afternoon and thankfully everything went well. I loaded the new metadata and new rules without any problem, completed the "Clear Invalid data" task in 20minutes and then I started the overnight consolidation in order to reconsolidate the whole application and get the status OK in all scenarios/years/periods. I was home before 7pm
and I was waiting for the completion e-mails in my phone.
     At this point, I need to mention that one of my changes was to change the phase of the Cash flow submission from 1 to 2. You will think that it is quite a simple change and you are correct. However, there is a catch. In order to change the phase of the submission you need two steps:
  • the first step is to change the submission group of the accounts in the metadata and
  • the second step is to update the phase in the “Manage Submission Phases” under “Data Tasks”
Saturday morning, I wake up at 7am to check the consolidation and everything was as expected. The consolidation of the whole application completed in 18hours and then I remembered that I need to update the phase submission. I log in to HFM as administrator, change the phases and then checking the log files and froze. 

It seems that the HFM engine does not only update the calculation status when you have loaded metadata, rules, memberslist or you have updated the currency rates. HFM will also change the status to OK SC when you change the phase submission configuration.

So to summarise, there are 5 cases when the system will update the calculation status to OK SC:
  1. loading of Metadata
  2. loading of Rules
  3. loading of Memberlist
  4. loading of Currency rates data
  5. changing the Submission phases.

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