Wednesday, 28 January 2015

...the Hyperion Administrator

Hi all,

1. Proem
I have not posted anything for the past few months because I was just gathering experiences (sounds heroic, right?) and I also got married (yeah!!!).

One of the experiences that I had was to document the roles of a new team and I ended up with a lot of questions to answer.

A few months after having completed this task I would like to touch a really sensitive issue which creates great discussions among the Hyperion professionals.  

         Who can we call Hyperion Administrator?

Is it the person who focuses on the management of the Hyperion infrastructure, the person who focuses on design and building the applciation, the person who focuses on business requirements or the person who can assist the Hyperion users and answer the more complex questions?

2. The answer
For me is the person who
does all these four tasks is the one that we should call HFM administrator and for this reason I am trying to keep myself trained in all these fields. Typical topics to cover can be the answers to the following questions:

      a.     Business 
  • What we mean by the term "group consolidation"
  • Which are the three most important financial report
      b.     Design
  • What is the use of a webform
  • In which Value dimension members the journals are posted
  • What is the use of Extended Analytics
  • What is the use of the Entity Details screen
  • What is the “Exp”  expression means in HFM rules
  • What the “Noinput”  expression means in HFM rules
      c.     HFM Support
  • What is the best way to handle/interact with a user
  • What is the best way to describe how a value has been created in a POV
  • What the “HsGetValue”  expression means in Excel rules
  • What the “HsDescription”  expression means in Excel rules
       d.     IT Support
  • How can a password been locked
  • What is IIS and what is Weblogic
  • What is Active Directory
  • How to track an HFM error message

3. Epilogue

I am pretty sure that people around the world have different answers and approaches. From my perspective, an HFM admin should be able to know all about the system and be able to contribute on a daily basis. Don't ask me if I can answer all these questions since there is always a question that you will never be able to answer but this is the great thing about that role.

What's your opinion?

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